The Story Thus Far

The Avalon game world changes based on the actions of you, the player. Here's what's gone on before...

History and the Guild

The dragons disappeared 10,000 years ago. All of them.

Well, not the mindless drakes, the dragonborn, or other derivatives, but the True Dragons, the chromatic ones—red, black, blues, white, green—and the metallic ones—platinum, gold, silver, bronze. As well as all the others...simply vanished. Some people think they never existed. That the Elves and Dwarves have always known the secrets of forging magic weapons or rings. That the wizards of the world learned their spells and alchemy through years of trial and error. That sorcerers and the dragonborn have always had the magic in their bloodlines.

You know better. You work for the Guild of Avalon. You're a Dragon Hunter, and the guild has evidence that magic is disappearing from the world.

More accurately, you are a "proof of dragon hunter". No one has actually ever found a dragon, but the guild has been documenting and collecting any dragon-related information for the last 300 years. Even the guild name is an obscure reference to the disappearance of the dragons: The guild discovered an ancient tome shortly after their founding, a journal of sorts written in draconic with platinum ink. Most of it was destroyed or impossible to translate, but one passage at the end, roughly translated from the draconic, said, "We go to Avalon. The birthplace of magic. The birthplace of dragons."

There aren't many Hunters left in the world. There are bigger, better paying guilds out there and most adventurers have abandoned the Hunt for greener pastures - the usual stuff: litch kings to kill, rats in basements, the occasional marauding orc horde. The guild covers your basic expenses when on an expedition, but it's just barely enough for the necessities.

While the other guilds are on caravan protection detail, you're exploring ancient ruins hunting down clues—dragon forged magic items, draconic writing on dungeon walls, ancient scrolls and books, even stories passed down in kobold tribes. Occasionally, you get to keep a magic item or some part of a hidden treasure horde, but typically everything goes back to the guild for research and to keep it running. Why do you still do it? That's a story for you to tell.

The First Key to the Gates of Avalon

Recently, the guild sent two groups of Hunters to a remote inn near Big Bear Lake, where they met Chadwick von Drake; a guild representative who guided them on a hunt for dragon-lore. The teams pillaged ancient dwarven ruins and a decrepit castle, battling monsters and cracking tests of wit, to return with unusual puzzle-relics. It wasn’t long before they discovered how to use these pieces as keys to unlock the secrets of the Porthos, the ancient copper dragon who used to call Big Bear Mountain his home.

Hidden in the depths of the quiet village was an ancient secret: a Key to the Gates of Avalon.

The Hunters rejoiced at their victory, but instead of more answers, they found only mysteries, as the discoveries in the old dungeon gave rise to doubts about the truth of the Guild of Avalon: was it truly formed only recently, as its oldest members have claimed? What is its true purpose, if not to find the Dragons? What is the true identity of its enigmatic leader, known only as H? As the Hunters delivered the Key and their spoils to Chadwick, they parted ways with many questions left unanswered.

The Hunters could only return to their homes now, to await another call. There are vast reaches of the world left unexplored, and The Guild of Avalon is always in need of more Hunters. When the call comes again, will you be there to solve the mysteries of the Dragons? Countless questions are yet unanswered, and your story is just beginning

Frequently Asked Questions

Ok, we've only had the one playtest, but these are the questions people asked or to which we think you might like to know the answers.

Eschaton's Tale

He's a half-orc, do you really think he's going to write anything? I'm actually surprised he can spell his own name.

Gribbolda's Tale

One day while I was relaxing in my favorite tree I heard the merchants talk of a guild that is searching for Dragons. The stories tell of an event ages ago when the dragons mysteriously vanished without a trace, though many of my kin don't believe they ever existed. Even the smallest chance of the slightest opportunity to study a dragon was worth the risk (it would be the highlight of my scholarly career, after all) so I began to look into this Guild. Imagine my surprise when a letter arrived at my door inviting me to join the Guild of Avalon, hunters of dragons, a mere week later.

So off I went to join the Guild, a rucksack over my shoulder and a sparkle in my eye. When I arrived I was surprised to find that nine others had heeded the call, and after a boisterous orientation by Chadwick, our Guild Leader, we were all handed a sack of (rather dubious) gear and a few coins to start our journey. The ten of us were split into two parties, and I ended up in a motly crew by the name of The Happy Haversacks. By Berronar's beard I have no idea why we chose that name, must have been all the mead Chadwick gave us during our first night in the Tavern haha!

Over the next couple days we had more adventures than I've had in two hundred years! We fought goblins, found ancient artifacts, battled a foul Orc (sorry Lawgiver) and returned to the guild with ancient objects riddles. While we were pondering our path, we heard a massive explosion that shook the inn. Chadwick had sprung an ancient dragon trap hidden in the very inn we were occupying! The contents of this trap led us down a dark path, ending in a dungeon beneath the inn where I witnessed great feats of problem solving and ingenuity (I mostly just yelled and drank haha). I even witnessed a man fend off a ghost with a magical potato! What a world we live in!

After all was said and done we uncovered quite the fair bit or disturbing information, and now we await direction from our Guild Leader as to how we pursue truth and the fate of dragons...

Trip's Story

I awoke with a wicked headache, a scar and a tattoo. Not knowing what had happened recently, I quickly headed over to The Green Dragon Inn where the Guild of Avalon stations hoping I could retrace some of my steps.

Throvin Whistleback welcomed me back and I remember him somehow but not sure of our relationship although it seemed affable. After a couple of pints of Dwarven piss and good natured merriment, Chadwick von Drake showed up to charge the riffraff with hunting dragon relics. Being a rogue and a halfling I was quite skeptical of my role in this quest (after all I distrust most and am a delicious morsel sized snack for beasts as big as dragons) But my adventuring spirit won out, especially considering the confidence I had in my newfound cohorts who seemed as eager to adventure as I.

Before we left however, Gaerlorn and I put our money together to rent a room so we could crash once we arrived back from Dragon relic hunting. Strangely enough he and I found copper and silver coins abound in rooms throughout the Green Dragon Inn. Some we found in crooked paintings on the wall and others hidden in treasure chests with secret compartments. It was quite a rush to find treasure both in and outside of the Green Dragon.

I joined the ranks of the Happy Haversacks and after shopping in the local markets and grabbing necessary items IE backpacks, ale, health potions, ale, waters, ale etc… we headed off into the depths of the catacombs beneath in search of dragon clues.

Once in the catacombs we discovered evil beasts and runes and magical lights, traps and all the wonderful accoutrements one might find questing in hidden passageways beneath.

As a group we worked through elaborate puzzles, fought off dark forces and managed to make it through with our lives.

Around the Green Dragon, I learned how to shoot a bow and arrow, throw knives, and pick locks! Oh, I forgot to mention I bought an amazing Magic Shovel blessed by the god of Pelor that helped us on our quest. We explored and added to maps, helped Chadwick find his missing armor and the local farmer and family with lost puzzle pieces.

All in all it was an absolutely memorable weekend that I will never forget. Now if I could only remember why the key of Avalon was tattooed on me.

Also, Nedin is Indian and in the Inn.

Corilithas' Tale

I spent the weekend in Big Bear Lake as Corilithas Lyrandar, Half-Elf Wizard. The brain-child of Todd Peden, he provided me with one of the most exciting experiences I have ever gotten to have in my geeky life. I solved puzzles, hunted for rats, and made new friends. I was made to use in-game currency to decide how I wanted to eat and where I wanted to sleep (the private room was worth the price). I participated in what can only be described as a hybrid live-action Dungeons and Dragons game. This isn't LARPing, and we weren't stuck at a table all weekend. We got to live the experience. And in the end, I came home with new dice, a beautifully crafted wooden dice tower, and easily over a dozen new friends. The Quest may have been for Avalon, but the treasure was the experience.

Pulling up my boots Saturday morning over my breeches, I had a moment to reflect how much it felt like the TV show Westworld; everyone I interacted with was a character in the fictional Inn of the Green Dragon. The Inn contained clues that would help solve the riddles we were faced with, as well as a job board to do things like hunt down coins, puzzle pieces, help the local Wizard create potions, or compete in athletic challenges. Each challenge I met gave me a perfect amount of treasure that I eagerly spent on real rations and magic items for in-game. I shot a bow and arrow in a marksmans challenge (badly). I helped decipher a map written in cryptic lettering, disarmed traps that exploded, and played tabletop D&D encounters that were full of special effects (flying darts and smoke)! The actors did their best to immerse the players in the world, and I feel like they did just that.

The NPCs were all on-point. Amanda Renee played the lovely soothsayer Adria Ravenfall, who not only incorporated my backstory into her advice, but also runs one hell of a D&D encounter. She was a perfect example of how all the actors worked on the fly to create stories and explanations that felt acceptable to the players. Patrick Nguyen was the other tabletop DM who helped flesh out the world we were in and mesh it well with the meta-game away from the table in a perfect manner. Ed Tankersley was the stoic Rimfire the Wizard; his character was the most fun to interact with during a challenge, as I tried to mix chemicals into fairy fire and such, he watched as if I was really creating something, the "hmm" and "ah!" that were necessary at times. Justin Ground was an amazing Inn-keep. He fit the part perfectly; he was jovial, helpful, and didn't take any crap; just like a good inn-keep. A special thanks to him for letting this happen at the cabin. JP Taxman was a great shopkeep who kept in character the entire time. If he wasn't a fan of your race, he let be known. But he also would speak at length about what he had at his shop and what it did. After the day was over, he was the first one to smile at you and ask if you were having fun. Joey Levy was the town Cleric who also helped put together some of the wonderful set pieces throughout the Inn and for the table game. If they start a Kickstarter for them; I'm buying them all to add to my game! Jill Maree was the sweetest barmaid I have ever met; she kept our glasses full, as well as our stomachs. She cooked and cleaned up for almost 20 people and not once did I see a smile ever leave her face. After heavy adventuring, coming to the bar to see her smile and bring me a Dwarven ale made it all worth it! By far, my favorite character was Farmer Ackerman (Boots Paramour), and his sweet daughter. These two never once broke character, and having a small child come up and ask for your help is the easiest way to have your players go along with whatever you wanted. I promised her I would rid her Daddy's farm of satyres, and dammit, I meant it! Farmer was easily one of the most fun to talk to, he always was giving you clues and dispensing friendly advice about the world. He also was the keeper of the map we helped create of the world we were in. It was great to see Michael Cline documenting everything; he even interviewed us all afterwards. I would love to buy a video of whatever becomes of that footage! And last but not least, our burned out pointman, Chadwick (Todd), who reminded me of so many poor supervisors who just wanted to retire. He deserves his rest.

I can't forget my teammates (the Red Dragon Irregulars): Ghaarl the Clanless (Ian), who proved that Dragonborn can sometimes save your life, and also solve your puzzles better. Nedden "Gods Hammer" Shenus (Nick), who was kind enough to share his Dwarven mead with all of us, as well as his loot. He was the glue that bound the team. Garrett Jax (Julian), who should have been the Bard with his soothing guitar playing all weekend (except Wrecking Ball, that one was for us). Kia Meadowbright (Juniper) was the most resourceful of us all. I found myself leaning on her thoughts constantly so I made good spending decisions. It's because of her I ate and slept as well as I did. And while he wasn't on my team, a special thanks to Trip Scarlock (Joshua) who dove between me and a spirit in the Dungeon under the Inn while I was working on a puzzle. His death led to us solving it quicker, even if we forgot to rez him for about 20 minutes... And a special thanks to his team, the Happy Haversacks, Gairlorn (Drew), Eschaton Lawgiver (Aaron), Irx (Bill), Gribbolda the Bearded (Kristina). We may not have played much together, but we all were on the same team!

Kia's Tale

Not too long ago, I was conscripted to join a band of the most oddly assorted yet talented folk you could imagine in an effort to puzzle out some ancient mysteries that were surely somehow related to dragons. Why chase after some long-gone dragons, you ask? Well, I can’t speak for anyone but m’self, but I lost someone very dear and the only clue I’m left snatching may have been from one of those supposedly disappeared beasts.

It all began when we met up at the Green Dragon Inn, a surprisingly lovely little spot in the mountains run by a friendly innkeeper and with the sweetest barmaid working magic in the kitchen. It’s very possible the stew may have had a bit of rat meat. Rats give me the shivers, but luckily, I was able to get plenty of rat-free fare. From what I heard from my fellows, though, that rat meat was good grub. I may have avoided eating the maybe-rat bits, but I wasn’t above smashing a rodent or two for some coin. Having bitty fingers helps, too - you’d be surprised how many coins you might find in the cracks and cushions when folk have had a wee bit much to drink and start having such jolly laughs that they shake the copper right out of ‘er pockets!

There were some rumors that elves might not have been all that welcome around those parts, seeming as some of those shopkeepers seemed to spout different prices depending on who they were selling to. Sometimes having a silver tongue could get you a sweet deal, but if you didn’t have luck on your side, you might find yourself emptying your purse or just hoping that folk might feel a little less fickle about that coin in the morning.

At first, it seemed that perhaps that shady fellow named Chadwick who was overseeing our mission wasn’t too fond of us little folk. After an evening or two of mead and pricy spirits, he loosened up, although I was never too sure of his true intentions considering some of the dangers he sent the guild members into. After he nearly blew himself up with a trap and had some of his armor stolen by imps, I couldn’t help but wonder if his superiors had sent him to this corner of the map in the hopes that he’d bite off a bit more cheese than he could chew.

Regardless, that Chadwick sure was merry if you topped off his stein with a fine brew. He told us some interesting tales, and I think he may have known more about what we were getting ourselves into than he let on. We went on some crazy chases through old mines and even a castle. We scraped through some fierce fights against things that still give me nightmares. One of my fellow chaps had a bit of the gift of sight, and although he wouldn’t tell us, I have the feeling that those screams he let loose one night were stirred up by some of the horrors we were destined to face. I’m frankly amazed we all made it through without losing life or limb, but make it we did, and we had to put our noggins together to figure out what secrets were being hidden by the ancient relics we found.

That final night found us feverishly working to piece together the clues we had gathered. Time was of the essence because vengeful spirits flickered through the strange fog that filled the dungeon. One of our own was snatched away by a malevolent specter and had to be brought back from the brink of death in what did look like a mightily luxurious cask of hot water. If it wasn’t for the strange magics that made it bubble and steam, I would have been awfully tempted to have a soak in there m’self.

Holy water seemed to keep the spirits at bay, but when all the flasks were emptied, we might’ve all been done for if it wasn’t for that friendly farmer’s peculiar potatoes. Perhaps he wasn’t truly a farmer, or mayhap the good, green earth was soaked in some more mysterious force and a tiny bit o’ that was hidden away in the spuds.

Whatever it be, we managed to fend the dark horrors off and with so many clever minds and sharp eyes, we managed to puzzle out those strange ancient clues and find the key that should open the path leading us to truth. It was all a once in a lifetime experience, and perhaps it was the distraction of being caught up in the excitement of success, or perhaps it was just that my poor Halfling eyes aren’t as sharp at seeing in the dark as some of my taller friends, but I found out later that I held some actual gold in my wee hands and didn’t even notice! That rascal rogue, Scarlock, crowed that he’d never let me live it down. Ah, what a shame. To imagine what I could have bought with that gold. I’d probably invest in some magic potatoes.

Ghaarl's Tale

Last month, I had a life-changing experience: I attended the first playtest of The Quest for Avalon adventure. It’s not a live-action-roleplay, it’s not an Escape the Room, and it’s not a weekend of Dungeons and Dragons--The Quest for Avalon is a masterful mixture of the three, and, along with some choice herbs and spices, the final result was the most delicious platter of entertainment a nerd like me has ever experienced.

Here follows the tale of the first part of the Quest for Avalon, as recounted from the point of view of the young green dragonborn, Ghaarl the Clanless. The goal here is not brevity, so if you’re not interested in an extended recap, feel free to skim, or just read the bottom and pretend you read everything. If anyone is interested in getting involved, let me know, and I’ll add you to the group and send more logistical information.

6 April
Upon my admittance into the fabled Guild of Avalon, the guild formed to search for the long-lost dragons, I was delivered an invitation to the Green Dragon Inn for my first assignment. Eagerly, I travelled south from my homeland to meet up with my assigned Guild Agent, Chadwick (Todd), and my companions-to-be. Upon arrival, I was suddenly overwhelmed with fears that only a solitary dragonkin can comprehend; all present company gazed at me as though they had never seen a creature quite like me. Despite this, the Dragon Hunters seemed honored to be joined by a dragonborn, and relieved that I would be lending them my strength.

Once all ten Dragon Hunters had arrived at the Inn, Chadwick the Guild Agent rounded us up in the meeting room and briefed us on our mission: in the morning, one party would be sent to ancient dwarven forges and one party would be sent to a crumbling castle. Chadwick presented both parties with one strange puzzle piece each, and our wizard, Corylithas, took ours for safekeeping. I know not for what it will be used, but our Agent seems convinced they will be necessary, as he discovered them while scouting the areas. With those gifts, he set us off into the town to prepare for our quests.

I gathered my party, Corilithas Lyrandar (Cory) the wizard, Kia Meadowbright (Juniper) the ranger, Nedden “God’s Hammer” Shenus (Nick) the cleric, and Garret Jax (Julian) the rogue, and we set out to purchase the night’s necessities and the morrow’s implements. After securing our bunks and meals for the night from Thorvin Whistleback (Justin), the innkeep, we settled at Tudok Grimsbane’s (JP) general store, but quickly found ourselves overwhelmed at the wide selection and high prices. Feeling my coin purse weighing a little too light, I purchased but a bucket for myself, and for the rest of us, we purchased a torch and various other useful items. While shopping, a few of the NPC’s offered us tasks that interested us; Rimfire expressed disdain at his own skill in alchemy, and offered a reward for any Hunter who might teach him to brew a few. I attempted to aid Rimfire after Cory did, and lo! I found great success. Who knew what natural talent a young swordsman possessed in such craft? Perhaps it is the dragon’s magic in me.

Eventually, all Hunters settled at the meeting table with our well-earned meals, and we made ourselves known to each other. At the table I met Gribbolda the Bearded (Kristina) the ranger, Gairlorn (Drew) the fighter, Irx (Bill) the wizard, Trip Scarlock (Joshua) the rogue, and Eschaton Lawgiver (Aaron) the cleric. After merry meetings, Chadwick discussed the Guild of Avalon and its history, and, more specifically, his history with it. We listened intently, but there was much we would not tell us. Instead, he set us off on a game of chance, in which I did not participate (I am no great risk taker, especially not with so few coins to lose). Off I went back to town, where I discussed plans with my party to convince Chadwick to send us to the Castle rather than the Forges, where I decided we would be most effective. Upon agreement with my Hunters, a little coin was convincing enough for Chadwick to alter the morning’s plans. Successful, I visited Adria Ravenfell (Amanda) the gypsy fortune teller, and meanwhile, Kia investigated Rimfire’s potions, and Nedden and Jax assisted the priest, Vanris, in ridding the village of evil. While Adria read my fortune, Thorvin and Chadwick joined me at her cart to observe; the future was mysterious and in-depth, but before I had much time to ponder, Jax and Nedden challenged me to the Fighters’ Challenge. Ha! I have spent my life training for such challenges. Even so, I just narrowly overcame Nedden’s physical skill, such a mighty dwarf is he. Exhausted, we dispersed to find our beds. Jax had purchased the bed next to mine, and before rest, we spent some time singing tales of the adventures to come.

7 April
I awoke just in time for breakfast, and, finding my purse heavier after aiding Rimfire and winning the Fighters’ Challenge the night before, I deemed it wise to purchase the largest meal to prepare for the day. The Hunters and our Agent convened to eat, and Chadwick gave us our pre-mission briefing--my team would be sent to the castle to search for clues, while the others would be sent to the dwarven forges. Chadwick, seeming a little bare, informed us that imps and a satyr had raided camp during the night and stolen away his armor and some of the inn’s ale, so we set out to locate it before the adventures could begin. After a short expedition, Irx returned with the armor from the imps, and we all gathered our equipment and met up with our guides.

Bobert Hammerclaw (Patrick), having made several journeys to the castle in the past in search of items to sell at his uncle’s shop, was hired by Chadwick to guide us past the ravine and into the castle ruins. After dispatching some goblins along the way and rescuing the stolen ale, we bribed a guard to let us pass his bridge, then delved into the castle in search of our quarry. It wasn’t long before we had to solve a strange colored-tile puzzle, but our wits and a reasonable dose of caution bore fruits, and we proceeded deeper, now laden with magical artifacts (I received a longsword, which I quickly strapped to another sheath on my back). Lurking at the bottom was a drunken ogre, who, after pounding me into the ground, received a lesson in cleanliness from my water-filled bucket. It didn’t do much to change his mind about pounding me, but we slayed him anyway. Unfortunately, it was clear upon investigating the room that the artifacts provided to us by Chadwick would have no effect here. We returned to the inn, disappointed.

After browsing the town a bit longer, the party who ventured to the forges returned with the similar news that their artifacts were of no use. The ten hunters sat down to luncheon with Chadwick and provided him our findings, only to have him admit that he must have had a little too much to drink and given us the incorrect artifacts. What did we do to get stuck with him? After finishing our meals, we set out for the forges with Adria Ravenfell as our guide, and the other team headed for the castle with Bobert.

After a stall at the dwarf doors, we passed several trials left behind by the forge-masters, only to find ourselves face to face with a nothic of the deep. It proceeded to pound me (with its mind). After drinking yet another healing potion, we worked together to slay the depraved creature before it could slay us. After being trapped on the other side of a deadly pit, I used my longbow to deliver the killing blow: an arrow through its glowing eye. The forge was ours. This time, our artifact could be wielded properly, and we unlocked a mechanism in the wall, which revealed yet more artifacts. We departed immediately to deliver them to our Agent.

Back at the inn, we found him (as usual) drinking and mingling with the innkeep. We were the first team to return, but he seemed unusually dismissive of our success. Typical. As we awaited the rest of the Hunters, we relaxed and discussed our adventures as we walked the town. Jax and I competed in a game of throwing knives, at which he bested me, but I challenged him to a best of three, at which I took the prize!

In the early evening, the rest of the Hunters arrived, and we gathered ‘round the meeting table with Chadwick to discuss our findings. With all the clues together, he seemed to be reminded of something that he found while exploring the town, and he left us to gamble at the table while he set off to investigate. This time, feeling my purse a might bit heavier, I decided to join in the game. However, it wasn’t long into the competition that we heard an explosion and a yell of distress from Chadwick; the Hunters quickly ran to his aid.

Nearby, our jaded Agent had attempted to disarm a trap, which had quickly detonated its payload in his face. Despite his yelling and his warnings against traps like this one, our quick-witted rogues jumped into action and used the artifacts that we had discovered to disarm the thing and reveal its contents: more clues, including a copper (dragon’s) claw. This, in turn, led us downstairs from this dark alley and into a fog-filled dungeon.

This puzzle-dungeon was filled with mysterious scrawlings in ancient draconic, gears, maps, and riddles. It took us the better part of two hours to make sense of some of it. I aided Corilithas Lysander in piecing together some of the mysteries of the torn constellation map, and together with the wizard Irx, translated the ancient draconic messages into common, so that all Hunters could be enlightened. While all Hunters were hard at work, however, the ghost of the town farmer had drifted into the dungeon and given us quite a scare. She floated around while we turned gizmos and scrawled notes, keeping us on our toes. The clerics among us realized that the ghost could be combated with holy water, sold at the general store, and they set off to gather a stock to keep her at bay. At one point, while the clerics were away, the brave Trip Scarlock leapt in the ghost’s path to save the wise Corilithas from her icy touch, and the rogue succumbed to the grips of death. While Eschaton Lawgiver brought his body to the town healer, the rest of us sought to progress the puzzles, but the commotion had attracted yet more lingering spirits, and we were forced to retreat into the sunlight to await cover of night. As we set the mysterious of the dungeon aside, we brought Scarlock to the healing waters near the outskirts of town to restore some vestiges of life to him.

Filling our bellies after sundown, we discussed our findings and toyed with the riddles of the dungeon while we waited for the ghosts to disperse into the night. Every Hunter had a task that contributed to our ultimate goal: the search for a Key. When the sunlight faded, we returned to our tasks in the dungeon, while some of us investigated clues elsewhere: Cory sought assistance from the town fortune teller, Scarlock went out to dig for a treasure in the forest…

It wasn’t long before the clues began to lead us to one place, and all ten Hunters were gathered around the same artifact, excitedly discussing its possibilities. After much skilful investigation and problem solving, we succeeded: we unlocked the mysterious of the town and acquired the first key to what we can only assume is the fabled Avalon.

We returned to the safety of the inn and celebrated the day’s successful adventures. Chadwick rewarded us with our guild pay for the assignment, and we drank mead long into the night. The next morning, we gathered our essentials and set out to seek new mysteries, always awaiting another call to action from the Guild of Avalon.

Garret's Tale

Worst rogue I've ever met. Gave away Boots of Elvenkind for a fucking statue of a Griffin. Probably didn't write his tale because his quill and ink got stolen.
- Chadwick

Nedden's Tale

Do ye' like Mead, Coin and Adventure?! 'Course you do!

You damn well better join the guild. They offer this and more!

Just when I thought my days of adventuring were behind me, a courier brings me a mysterious letter. A fancy invitation, signed with an H. Ye' know what they say- a fancy letter means a fancy drink! And I only drink the finest mead.

The invitation took me a great distance from the port city I call home (Portland, Oregon) to a mountainous region (Big Bear Lake, California). Perched high was a spectacular building and my destination- The Green Dragon Inn. Yup, the mead was flowing!

I was greeted by Throvin Whistleback (Justin Ground) the proprietor of the Inn. After a short while of mingling a character of sorts entered the Inn- Chadwick von Drake (Todd Peden). A member of the guild I was about to help and eventually join. He spoke tales of dragon relics and treasure!

Chadwick had an eye for putting talent together. He formed two adventuring parties: Red Dragon Irregulars and The Happy Haversacks. I found the Irregulars to be my kind of people. Plus the other group contained a sketchy fellow, Scarlock (Joshua Dean Robinson) I believe his name. Keep your coin purse close when you cross paths with that one.

After being briefed on the mission ahead our group set off to visit the local merchants. I found Todock (JP Taxman) to have some of the best prices in town along with a great assortment of adventuring gear. With only a few coins to spare we headed back to the Inn and turned in for the night.

... Well damn I'm all out'a mead. Someone fetch me 'nother and I'll continue my tale.

Apparently someone fetched too much mead and he passed out in a drunken stupor unable to finish his tale...Fucking dwarves. Typical.
- Chadwick

Irx's Tale

Late. To. Everything.
Even writing his own journal. How he ever made it out of the Wizarding Academy, I'll never know.
- Chadwick

Gairlorn's Tale

Smart guy... for a dwarf. Family oriented in the way most dwarves are. Probably didn't write his story because he was changing diapers of all his illegitimate fuck trophies.
- Chadwick

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